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Kayaking Malta Under the Sturgeon Supermoon

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Date of event: 01.08.2023

Time of departure: 7pm

Winds: Force 2/3 with gusts to Force 5 NW, dropping to nil after sunset

Swell: 0.2 NW

Kayaks in attendance: 40

Turu, kayaking in the reflection of the Sturgeon Supermoon, Aug 1, 2023 Photo Credit: Lella B
Turu, kayaking in the reflection of the Sturgeon Supermoon, Aug 1, 2023 Photo Credit: Lella B

What is the Sturgeon Moon Anyway?!?

The Maine Farmer's Almanac began publishing "Indian" names for full Moons in the 1930s and these names have become widely known and used. According to this almanac, as the full Moon in August the Algonquin tribes in what is now the northeastern USA called this the Sturgeon Moon, after the large fish in the Great Lakes and other major bodies of water that were more easily caught this time of year. Other names reported for this Moon include the Red Moon, the Corn or Green Corn Moon, the Barley Moon, the Herb Moon, the Grain Moon, and the Dog Moon. (Source: NASA)

Another fun fact about this special moon is that where the Algonquin tribes originate, is the same place Turu was born, the state of Michigan, in the United States of America. The state of Michigan is shaped like a winter mitten, and surrounding this mitten, are The Great Lakes. In these Great, freshwater Lakes, lie the Sturgeon Fish. During the month of July is when these fish were traditionally harvested by the natives of the Americas. Note the shape, size and characteristics of the fish in the pic below. Their lineage dates back 200 million years. (Source: City of Vancouver)

Map of Michigan, USA and surrounding Great Lakes (Source
Map of Michigan, USA and surrounding Great Lakes (Source

Sturgeon Fish (Source: Fraser River Sturgeon)
Sturgeon Fish (Source: Fraser River Sturgeon)

Enough About History, Let's Talk About Kayaking Under the Sturgeon Supermoon!

We have been planning a full moon event since last year's Strawberry Supermoon* and Hunter Moon* events, and have been unable to do so because of high winds, or rough seas. It absolutely broke our hearts seeing all our members and friends sending pics in the chat group with their kayaks ready, only to be disappointed because we had to cancel. We absolutely love seeing the innovation and creativity come out of people, especially for lighted events like this one. (*click the links above to go to our YouTube channel to see the kayaks in action)

Our time finally came to go kayaking under the Sturgeon supermoon, and we were not going to let this one pass. As always, we checked the weather and winds a million times using our apps and other websites we use to determine the best locations for our tours...everything was a go for a whole week...then BOOM!!!

Two or three days prior to the full moon, our apps started saying gusts up to force 5!!!

There was another high probability that we would have to cancel...but the winds changed for us to NW, which was fine, because we would be far SE of the island, and protected by the cliffs and buildings.

We analyzed some more data and called upon some friends of ours that live in the south to confirm sea conditions on the day and, as expected, the seas were quite calm and no swells were present. After sharing the updates on the Facebook event discussion, we finished prepping and headed to San Tumas!

The Slipway

Slipway of San Tumas, about to get hammered with kayaks!
Slipway of San Tumas, about to get hammered with kayaks!

40 kayaks of all different shapes, sizes and construction showed up with paddlers and passengers of all ages! We love seeing all our friends, and we use kayaking as a way to exercise and socialize at the same time, but nothing brings us more joy than seeing little ones with their pfds and little lunchboxes jumping on their kayaks with their parents.

We headed out around 7 pm after a quick briefing and intro to the event.

Heading to the Supermoon Observation Point

Using an app on the mobile, called PhotoPills, we were able to select the exact spot we wanted to be to get an unobstructed view of the Sturgeon Supermoon rising from the horizon, where the sea meets the sky.

Google Maps screenshot showing the distance from San Tumas to Germa Hotel, a mere 1.3km
Google Maps screenshot showing the distance from San Tumas to Germa Hotel, a mere 1.3km

Because of the very short distance from San Tumas to Germa, the group opted to paddle around the point towards Marsascala, as we still had a good thirty minutes till sunset. After we regrouped, we couldn't resist snapping some photos.

As expected, slowly but surely, what looked like a red fireball rose from the sea to greet us!

The Sturgeon Supermoon rising from the sea with Frenki's kayak in the foreground
The Sturgeon Supermoon rising from the sea with Frenki's kayak in the foreground

Truly what a sight to behold!

Heading to Marsascala Bay!

After seeing the Sturgeon Supermoon rising from the sea, we all felt so reenergized and excited, there was no way we were going home yet!

As if by magic, the sea calmed down and the winds died to force 2...conditions could not have been better!

The area highlighted in the pic below was the only area of concern due to the NW winds, but we paddled on. When you have a strong NW wind and you are far SE of the island, stay near the coastline for protection and you should be fine. This is another reason why we tell people to kayak in groups...for safety and in case you need help. This was the only section of open water we had to contend with.

After our fill and chatting with the residents of Marsascala and some tourists about who we are and what we do, we decided to head home, as it was already 9:30 pm, and most of us have to work in the morning.

So, we high-tailed it back to San Tumas and wrapped up the event.

Stay tuned to our YouTube channel because we are making a video of the event and hope to air it soon!

If you haven't already, head to our YouTube and subscribe and hit the bell icon to be notified of future uploads.

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You May Be Asking Yourself...How Can I Join These Adventures?

People always ask us about our requirements to join our kayak community and the rules are simple.

  1. Have your own kayak and paddle

  2. Always bring safety gear, suncream, enough water for the journey (and some extra), and snacks.

  3. Wear your pfd, if not for yourself, for the people in your group. If something happens to you, it will be a lot easier if you're able to float.

  4. Bring a sense of adventure

  5. Respect nature at all times

  6. Stay tuned to our Facebook page, website, and Instagram!

  7. If you do not have a kayak, don't worry, we do! Contact us :-)

See you on the water soon!

Paradise is only a paddle away!!!


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