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Welcome to Get Out and Kayak Malta's Website and Blog

Updated: May 21

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by!

This is technically our second blog post, as Reading Windfinder was the first, but that was written as a test for the website before we launched the site.

We are Lella and Turu, the founders of Get Out and Kayak Malta, a community of kayakers based on free events and group paddles to encourage others to kayak and explore in numbers, always with safety in mind, and teaching each other skills as we go along.

Get Out and Kayak Malta Logo - kayaking in Malta and Gozo
Get Out and Kayak Malta Logo

How Did G.O.A.K. Start?

Get Out and Kayak Malta actually started in the Spring of 2020. Believe it or not, we started kayaking together on an inflatable tandem, called the Intex Challenger, seen below.

Intex Challenger Tandem Inflatable Kayak with two, double-bladed paddles, pump, two seats, and skeg (not photographed)
Intex Challenger Tandem Inflatable Kayak

This kayak served us for some time, and we started with this one, to be honest, to ensure we liked kayaking together enough to spend the money on all the equipment of a higher end model. It came with everything we needed, or, thought we needed a the time. Two seats, two paddles, a pump, a buoyancy aide (not pictured), skeg (not pictured) and a bag (not pictured), all for a measly 180 euro or so.

We advise everyone to do the same thing, start small, doesn't necessarily have to be an inflatable, but start small, even Facebook Marketplace has great second hand kayaks available, or, you can rent.

The Gumotex Swing 2

After a month or so, we quickly upgraded to a Gumotex Swing 2, another inflatable tandem kayak, but much, much different.

Gumotex Swing 2 inflatable kayak moored at a slipway with very clam seas
Gumotex Swing 2 inflatable kayak
Gumotex Swing 2 in the south of Malta, on break
Gumotex Swing 2 in the south of Malta, on break

The main difference between these two kayaks is the quality and durability of the exterior and and interior plastics. The Gumotex almost feels like thick rubber, not plastic. The material is actually called NITRILON®. It's much longer, at 402 cm, and it has three metal bars connecting and reinforcing the side air chambers, which, for us, was a game changer as far as structure and strength of the kayak.

The overall shape of the hull and bow, specifically, cut the water much better than the challenger as well. These things set it apart significantly and classify it as a proper inflatable sea kayak.

After some paddle technique and rhythm practice, in this kayak, it is possible to keep up with rigids.

We organized and led kayak tours for two years in this boat. It is a workhorse and we never had an issue with it, or keeping up with others, and that is with Lella doing most of the recording from the front, while Turu paddled from the rear seat.

If you don't have a garage, like we didn't at this time, this is definitely a solution you can search for, as not everyone has space for a rigid kayak.

The cost of this kayak was significantly more, but in our eyes, more that worth it. We paid around 800 euro for it, but this time, nothing came with it. So, there was added costs as paddles, pump, and some other equipment.

When we say worth it, we absolutely mean it. We paddled almost all around Malta, save 10 km or so we keep missing, most of Gozo (Ghawdex), and all of Kemmuna countless times.

This kayak can and will give you wings...access to places you cannot see or get to otherwise, just take care of it and it will take care of you.

Rainbow Oasis Sea Kayaks

We loved the Gumotex, we really did, and we still have it, and no plans on parting with it, just in case we want to travel and cannot take our rigids, we have her as a backup, or, for friends or family that want to come with us and don't have roofracks on their cars.

Two Rainbow Oasis 4.3 meter Sit In Sea Kayaks
Two Rainbow Oasis 4.3 meter Sit In Sea Kayaks

We picked these up last year, around November or so, and immediately hit the water.

At 4.3 meters, with rudders and thighpads, these new kayaks changed everything for us, and opened up new doors and possibilities. We truly miss kayaking together, but enjoy the new found freedom that kayaking alone can provide.

From a tour standpoint, we had to separate anyway, because now one of us leads the pack, the other is now in the rear, making sure no one is left behind, or without help, if needed.

We already, to date, have well over 100 km on these kayaks, and always looking forward to our next paddle.

What is the Get Out and Kayak Community?

After paddling alone for quite a while, we started to meet other kayakers, and even more kayakers and started posting on social media and YouTube. From these encounters, we came to know so many people that either owned kayaks and never used them, or wanted a kayak, but didn't want to learn or paddle alone.

So, after much discussion, we started a kayak page on facebook, click here to join and follow, and then we created our first event. Three other kayakers showed up that day, and nothing for us, has been the same. Our little club, has now become a community. We do all this free of charge.

People ask us why we do this. For us, the answer is easy and clear. We want everyone to see Malta the way we see it. We want everyone to feel safe, confident and strong in their kayaks. When we see people smiling, that is our payment.

We don't just meet on the water either, when we cannot kayak, we meet on land and do whatever comes to mind, like bowling, movie nights, shooting guns in Gozo, and much, much more.

Do We Rent Kayaks?

Unfortunately, not yet, but very, very soon, we appreciate your patience. We encourage you to sign up to our website member portal. When things change, we can notify you.

To join, click here and use Google or FB to login.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog!

Check out our social media and follow us there!

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