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Upcoming Guided Kayaking Tour Dates!

Happy Group of Kayakers!
Happy Group of Kayakers!

We have lots of requests for when we are kayaking, so we thought it would be best to create this little list for you of our Upcoming Guided Kayaking Tour Dates! :-)

*this list is subject to cancellations and/or additions.*

Please stay tuned to our fb page for updates:

Watch our latest video, Kayaking Under the Sturgeon Supermoon, here:

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As always, kayak, sup, canoe, and surfski owners are free to attend any listed event.*see notes below

Gnejna Tour: Friday, 11 Aug, meet 0630 in the water 7am

Mistra Bay to Selmun: Saturday, 12 Aug, meet 0730 in the water 0800am.

Public Holiday: Tuesday, 15 Aug, meet 7:30 in the water 8:00am.

Kayak Archery: Saturday, Aug 19, meet 7am in the water 7:30am

Sunday Aug 20: Early morning tour, location and details TBD

Blue Supermoon (NIGHT PADDLE): Read more here ***no rentals available***

All tours are subject to change/cancellation based on weather/swells/etc.

Refunds are available up to 24 hours of the event, minus 3%-5% transaction fees.

No-call/no-shows forfeit their tuition.

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