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Updated: Apr 3, 2023

We don't believe in coincidences...everything happens for a reason. We also believe every person that comes into our lives, comes and goes for a reason too.

How It Started

We actually met Chris and Clodagh from Turas Adventure some years ago in the offices of Transport Malta getting our kayak business operational as a legal watersport operator in the territorial waters of Malta. We were giggling and having fun while our paperwork was getting sorted. We had no idea, years later, they would call us with a proposal that would change G.O.A.K. indefinitely.

Chris and Clodagh, from Turas Adventure
Chris and Clodagh, from Turas Adventure

Our Rainbow Oasis 4.3

Our Rainbow Oasis 4.3 sea kayaks
Our Rainbow Oasis 4.3 sea kayaks

We are showing you the Rainbows for a will see soon.

The FB Message That Started It All...

Just after Daniela's Birthday/New Year's celebrations (she's a New Year's Day baby), we got an amazing message on our FB page, from Chris, co-owner of Turas Adventure. He said..."[they] have been following us for a while, love what we do, and had a proposition that we may be interested in..."

We set up a virtual meeting to say hello and see what was on their minds. We had thought the same as always...that they had an idea, or collaboration, and wanted to team up for some awesome event to promote paddlesport in Malta.

Maybe they had a large group, and needed extra kayaks?

As the anticipation grew, we could sense this was not a normal phone call.

They had many positive things to say, but the one that struck them the most is when they saw G.O.A.K. and crew approach Hondoq, Gozo, en masse, in a very large group of over 20 or 30 kayaks.

When we were at rest, they were chatting with group members about who we were, why we were there, and what exactly was happening. Big thank you to whomever that was!

Drone shot from the DJI Mini 2 @a_quintano_malta
Drone shot from the DJI Mini 2 @a_quintano_malta

Kayak groups of this size were unheard of at the time in Malta, so it was quite a shock to see so many kayaks together at once, all for free, just to have fun together.

That moment solidified, for them, their next move.

The Proposition

After a very nice chat with C & C, they got right to it with their future plans. Though they are not Maltese, they are islanders in their own right, and hail from Ireland. They are adventurers at heart, and that's how they got into kayaking back home. Like most people, they missed home after being gone for a while and craved new adventures.

They popped the question and completely surprised us!!!

No, they did not want to collaborate, they did not need extra kayaks, or hire us as guides to help them run tours as we thought...

They wanted to make an offer for their kayaks, trailer, and all their equipment!

We said, "Yes!!! Absolutely, YES!!!"

What Did We Get?!?

We are now the proud and happy owners of FOUR Riot Polarity sit-inside tandems (two-seater) with rear paddler rudder control!

Also new to the family, THREE Perception Expression 15, single sit-insides

Some of the new fleet of kayaks in action (Photo courtesy of Turas Adventure)
Some of the new fleet of kayaks in action (Photo courtesy of Turas Adventure)

and of course, our TWO new, YELLOW & GREEN Wavesport Hydras!!!

Our new green and yellow, his & her Wavesport Hydras!!!
Our new green and yellow, his & her Wavesport Hydras!!!

Remember the picture of the Rainbow kayaks on the roof of the car? Take a look at these two Wavesports. Yes, Chris and Clodagh also had yellow and green, his and her kayaks! Who would have thought that the same couple we met at TM, would be the same couple that would call us and trust us to keep their kayaks in the water?

What Does All This Mean?!?

As much as we love the tandem Orca sit-on-top kayaks, they expose the paddler to cold winter waters and winds, and without the proper gear that most clients do not own, it makes it difficult to operate with them.

Although some of our die-hard clients pack wet suits in their suitcases, we do not expect everyone to own their own cold-weather gear. Also, some guests don't want to paddle in a tandem and need the independence of their own sea kayak.

So, with these sit-inside kayaks, it offers paddlers protection without needing to have wet or dry suits to paddle on nice calm days. We will now have the option to operate year-round and now we can cater to traveling kayakers that need a sit-inside kayak for the day.

We now have 14 more seats to fill for the tours!!! We have converted our Rainbows Oasis to rentals and we also recently picked up a Tahe Sea Spirit and added it to the fleet.

Onwards and Upwards!

We are always working on something new and exciting, so stay tuned to our website, News and Updates Section to be up to speed on all things going on.

You can also join our growing community of kayakers, by clicking here. Feel free to introduce yourself and join/plan your own trips. Once you join that page, you'll have access to some chat groups where we plan trips, ask questions, plan non-kayak-related events, and more.

We are much more than a kayak rental company, we operate Malta's largest free sea kayak club. All are welcome, regardless of the type of kayak you own. If you want to have fun and meet new people, then you are welcome to join. No one is obliged to complete the entire posted journey, and are free to come and go as you wish. All that we ask is that you have all the proper safety equipment and adhere to local laws and regulations.

Want to watch some kayak videos including some drone footage?

Click the button to head to our YouTube channel! Don't forget to subscribe!

Need a guided kayak tour in your life, or perhaps some personal training sessions with one of our certified sea kayak guides?

We look forward to seeing everyone for the first kayak fundraiser of the year, for ALIVE! If you would like to know more about this kayak taster session to benefit the athlete, Anthony Vella, please, click here.

Paradise is Just a Paddle Away...

Get Out and Kayak Malta

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