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Get Out and Kayak Malta Rainbow Orca Fleet

غير قابل للكسر وغير قابل للكسر!  

تلبية رحلتك الجديدة!


قوس قزح أوركا إكسبيديشن

جودة مضمونة

الجلوس على القمة (1/2/3 مقاعد) تجفيف ذاتي وغير قابل للغرق.   ثابت وسهل الاستخدام. .  يتم توفيره بشكل قياسي مع خزانة مركزية مانعة لتسرب الماء ، و 3 مقاعد تشريحية مبطنة ، وسدادة تصريف ، وحجرتا تخزين مريحة ، ومقابض حمل معززة.

لا تنسى ، نحن نوفر لك جميع المعدات التي تحتاجها!

مجاذيف وأكياس جافة و PFD (سترة نجاة) وصفارة أمان!  

Perception 15 Essence Single
Sit Inside

Graceful and stylish lines immediately catch your eye and it's not just the looks that are stunning. The complex hull delivers true tracking and speed from a strong V-shape at each end with a shallow-V running between. A smooth rocker and rounded chines give free-flowing movement when needed for quick turns or agility in the surf. 

Expression 15 Essence Sea Spray
Riot Polarity Tandem in Yellow

Riot Polarity 16.5 Tandem
Sit inside

The Polarity 16.5 is the speed demon of tandem kayaks. It's not only the fastest rotomolded tandem but also one of the easiest to handle. With its unique catamaran hull, the Polarity 16.5 is quick, stable, and built to last. Store all your gear in the roomy front and rear compartments, while the full lifeline and deck rigging add a safety and convenience boost. Bonus: it's solo-friendly for those solo paddling adventures. Enjoy the perfect blend of speed, fun, and practicality with the Polarity 16.5.

Our two Rainbow Oasis 4.3 sea kayaks with rudders

Rainbow Oasis Single

Sit inside

Very stable and fast. Easy to use and very reliable for excursions on the sea, even lasting several days. It comes as standard with an elastic net, 2 large watertight lockers, padded backrest, adjustable ergonomic padded seat and adjustable footrest and it also comes with a rudder and thighpads. 

Palm Coniston sprayskirt

Palm Sprayskirts

The Coniston is ideal for recreation kayaks. It is a lightweight, rip­stop nylon high-back touring deck designed to fit a wide range of kayaks.

  • Adjusable shock cord spraydeck

  • Reinforced fabric panels

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